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Naturally Granola 2.0 is onderweg!

September 3, 2019

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January 29, 2019


No waste is something that is becoming more and more popular, something that we are extremely grateful for, and thus try to implement in our way of doing business. From day one of Naturally Granola we have always been very careful not to throw anything away. To use packaging materials that support the no waste mindset. 


Up until last year our packaging consisted of a glass jar. We chose the glass jar for several reasons.

#1 Because the jar is airtight, the granola stays fresh and tasting great for at least 4 months. So no preservatives required! (this makes us happy)

#2 The jars are reusable and so a good option when looking for environmentally friendly packaging. Some of our first customers even kept the jars from one of their first purchases, and use it to keep their sugar, rice etc in!


Now that we sell to customers outside of Rotterdam, having only glass jars has become tricky because those who don't live here cant bring back the jar. So the kraft refill bags were added to our packaging.


Wanting to continue the #nowaste way of Naturally Granola we decided that our granola "crumbs" should not be wasted either. When packaging our granola we try to make sure that you get a good combination of chunks and smaller pieces, this way your jar is full, and you get different textures in your breakfast. But now that Naturally Granola is getting bigger we have more and more leftover crumbs! These crumbs are delicious and are perfect for recipes such as in a cheesecake, to make cookies with, or even as a breadcrumb substitute for Chicken Schnitzel! (recipe will follow)


Any time you order our granola crumbs you will get a recipe card with an everything crumble, this recipe was made by Diana from Soephoofd and Kliekjescollectief! So do you want to help us reduce waste, while creating yummy and healthy recipes for yourself? Check out the granola "crumbs" (a.k.a. granola gruis) in our webshop.


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